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Köp nu

Limited Edition

Köp nu


A bottle that stands for change.

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Together we can make a change.

Every year we bring back #YellowForChange to bring awareness to the urban waste issue
and challenge your everyday habits.
We live in a time where, in average, every one of us produces almost 400 kg of waste each year.
If we open our eyes we’ll see that most of this waste is unnecessary and a symptom of unsustainable behavior.

It is not about making life changing decisions
It’s about making small decisions that will make a difference.

Miracles happens when more and more people notice and take action.
Check out the #YellowForChange campaign movie.


Little by little
a little becomes a lot.

Don’t not where to start? Here are some examples.

Keep supporting your local
When ordering your morning coffee BUT turn down the single use coffee cup.

Pass it along.
Be proud and happy about the changes you’re making in your every day life and share it with the people around you. Pass along the knowledge and solutions to them and ask them to join you on this journey

Rethink your gifting behavior.
The most common gifts are often a gift that will be gone or rotten after a week. Give something that will last.

For example WWF is doing an amazing job saving the oceans. A job that GLACIAL are super happy to support and be a part of.



(1 million a minute)
Plastic bottles have been bought since you started reading this.
Let’s slow down the counter.


It’s not just a bottle

With this bottle we challenge you to make a commitment to change some of your everyday habits. A change that the future will thank you for.

What’s your commitment?

Be proud of your commitment and let others know and get inspired.