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How can GLACIAL challenge you and the people around you?

It´s not about making life changing decisions. It´s about making the small decision that will make a difference. We live in a time where a normal person produces on average 400kg of waste every year. If we stop and think about it, we realize that this behaviour is unnecessary and unsustainable. Togeteher we can change and make a difference.

Hi! – Are you interested in our products?

A GLACIAL employee will create a physical sample and send it to you – free of charge! The only thing you need to do is to fill out the form below (it takes approx. 1 min). Sounds great, right?!

Our engraving machine removes the top layer color with laser giving your logo a pixel perfect metal finish that guarantees an exclusive and premium look.

For bottles with logo the minimun order quantity is 25 pieces. Om you want different models/patterns the minimum order is 25 pieces per choice.

We will start engraving as soon as we get the information needed

We will gladly help you to with the design of your GLACIAL

Always free delivery within EU shipped to your address

Invester i bærekraft – ikke i plast

✔ Holder varmt i 12 timer.

Uavhengig av utetemperaturen holdes drikken varm i 12 timer.

✔ Holder kaldt i 24 timer.

På grunn av vakuumisolasjonen holdes drikken dessuten kald i opptil 24 timer!

✔ Ikke mer plast.

For hver flaske som selges, hindrer vi at noen engangsflasker ender i naturen.

✔ Godkjent av FDA og LFGB.

Alle flasker er godkjent av FDA og LFGB og er trygge for alt fra vann til barnemat.

✔ 100 dagers fornøyd-garanti.

Hvis du ikke er fornøyd med flasken, kan du returnere den innen 100 dager – uten spørsmål.

✔ Ikke-toksisk BPA-fri.

Alle flasker er BPA-frie, ikke-toksiske og inneholder ingen skadelige materialer



(1 million a minute)
Plastic bottles have been produced since you started reading this. Let’s together slow down the timer and take care of the earth, because, it’s the earth.