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Our Story

A reaction to the plastic waste

Each year, between 5-13 million tons of plastic leaks into our oceans, being potentially fatal for birds and marine creatures. If this continues, the oceans will be filled with more plastic than fish in terms of weight by just 2050.

Join our mission to save the oceans

We want to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles and thus contribute to a better environment. The solution is simple. By changing consumption patterns and offering one of the most sustainable bottles available, we can achieve change together.

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Why ANNA became our ambassador

Anna – part of Team Anna – Olympic Sailracer and a proud owner of 2 world champion gold medals.

“We sail all over the world and the oceans are our arena. We have seen how huge amounts of plastic float around on the open sea, and are washed up on the beaches. Therefore, we have chosen to say no to plastic and we urge other people to do the same”

Do you want to collaborate – and do you have the mindset of saying “NO to plastic”?

Come join Us