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Your company x GLACIAL

Order now and get your unique GLACIAL in time for summer! Perfect as a summer gift for your customers or employees. Fill in our form and get a quote within 24 hours.


It's not about making life-changing decisions. It's about making small decisions that make a difference. We live in a time where on average each of us produces almost 400kg of waste every year. Most of this waste is unnecessary and our behavior is unsustainable. Together we can change our behavior and make a difference.

More about GLACIAL

Make it your own

Our engraving machine removes the top color of the GLACIAL bottle with laser and gives your motif a pixel-perfect metal finish that guarantees an exclusive and premium look.

Logo requirements

In order for your engraving to be as good as possible, we need your file in EPS format. If you are unsure of what this means, you are welcome to contact us.

Engraving inspiration

We have previously received inquiries about Company logos, Shirt numbers, Quotes, Slogans, Names, etc. No problem! Anything else you want? Get in touch and we will make sure to fix it!

Shipping and delivery

From the moment the design and quote are confirmed, we will start engraving your GLACIAL bottles. We offer free delivery within 2 weeks. There is always free delivery within the EU directly to your address.

GLACIAL accessories


See our accessories

Choose one of our colorful corks to create a your own style.

If you are on the go, the perfect choice is our click corks that make it possible to drink directly from your GLACIAL without unscrewing the cap.

We also have straws in Stainless Steel for those who like to drink with straws but with a modern and durable touch

At least 25 pieces

Engraved bottles have an order volume of at least 25 pieces. Different models are 25 / unique.

Fast process

From the moment the design is confirmed, we start engraving your GLACIAL bottles.

Get help

We are happy to help produce a complete proposal with proofreading.

Price list

All prices include engraving, excl. VAT, free delivery within about 2 weeks

Free delivery

Always free delivery within the EU directly to your address.

Invest in sustainability - not in plastic

Keeps hot for 12 hours

No matter the outside temperature, your drinks keeps hot for 12 hours.

Keeps cold for 24 hours

Because of our vacuum insulation the beverage also keeps cold for up to 24 hours!

Non-Toxic BPA Free

All of our bottles are BPA free, non-toxic and safe from dangerous materials.

100 days satisfaction guarantee

If your not satisfied with the bottle you can return it within 100 days – no questions asked.

FDA & LFGB Approved

All bottles are FDA & LFGB approved and safe to keep everything from water to childrens food in it.

No more plastics

For every bottle sold we reduce some of the single-use bottles from ending up in nature.



Plastic bottles have been produced since you started reading this. Let’s together slow down the timer and take care of the earth, because, it’s the earth.


Your company x GLACIAL

Order now and get your unique GLACIAL in time for summer

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