If we don’t act, it will be too late to correct

There is only one planet we know of, so far, that is drenched with life: Earth. Our home planet, which we, as caretakers, haven't been very good at maintaining.

That's why we, at GLACIAL, have made making Water Consumption Sustainable our mission. By co-branding with us, you take the lead in a movement that cherishes that very source of life.

As a result, the bottles you share get you associated with how you care: helping people get fully hydrated and feel good – for making a positive difference. That never runs out of fashion.

Make it fit your brand with our engraving

Our reusable bottles are stylish in design and circular in every sense, helping to fill your brand with authenticity. Also, the best way to get into people's hands – and a little closer to be on their lips. 

The best? Since people often use them on the go, they become the perfect couriers of your brand.

Praesent nonummy mi in odio

Holder varmt i 12 timer

Uanset temperaturen udenfor holdes dine drikkevarer varme i 12 timer.

FDA- & LFGB-godkendt

Alle flasker er FDA- & LFGB-godkendt og sikre til opbevaring af alt fra vand til babymad.

Ikke-giftig BPA-fri

Alle vores flasker er BPA-fri, ikke-giftige og uden farlige materialer


One million plastic bottles get bought worldwide every minute. Most of it ends up as waste in the oceans. That’s crazy! Join us in trying to save the oceans. Let’s change this!

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